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                                  ESM Rating: 7/10

For most aspiring punk bands, playing a few shows at their local dive bar and making a surf video soundtrack or two are major goals. But for Florida Gulf Coast quartet Locolism, earthly pursuits just aren’t enough. These ska-influenced surfers have not only sent their self-titled debut CD into orbit and onto the International Space Station with Astronaut Nicole Stott, but they also played the launch party for Space Shuttle Discovery’s final mission in October 2010. Yet this fun-loving group hasn’t let intergalactic fame go to their head — as their press release says, “We surf. We rock. That pretty much sums up all the important stuff…”

And that’s pretty damn evident when Locolism kicks off, with the title track and “Surfin’ Blues” both paying tribute to the ocean. “Capsizing” mixes in some Bosstones-style horns from Greg Rocktoff, while the deep bass groove of Nick Mahinis on “Rock Dance” and “One More Day” should please any reggae-loving crowd at the many bars and clubs Locolism frequents around the Sunshine State. Not to be outdone, Yannimon Panagiotis’ expert guitar riffs can squiggle with reverb and thrash with punk energy, excelling at the latter on “Roadside Bombs” and “I Don’t Wanna.”

Locolism’s deep well of ‘70s and ‘80s influences — think The Clash, The Ramones, Agent Orange — are easily evident on “Sk8 Or Die” and “Predetermined,” but don’t fault these guys for having a blast while dredging up the punk, rock, and ska that surf culture was built on back in the day. And the good vibes are even more evident by Locolism’s four-year track record of participating in American Cancer Society Relay For Life events (two of the band members have even battled the disease themselves). Check their site at www.locolism.com to get your hands on a copy of Locolism and a coveted Locolism sticker, along with lining up the chance to peep their high-energy live show in the coming months. You might not have your mind blown — but we can guarantee you will have fun. By Nick McGregor
Eastern Surf Magazine review of our debut CD.